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Air Quality Management Services

Air pollution is becoming one of the major threat to human health in most of the urban centers in India. The polluted ambient air of the cities is also affecting the quality of air inside the buildings, where people spend almost 90% of their total time. According to global burden of disease estimates , indoor air pollution has been ranked as second largest killer in India after diabetes. Out of 20 most polluted urban centers in the world, 13 are from India including Delhi, which has been declared as most polluted among all 20 centers and as asthma capital of India.

Therefore, an urgent need has evolved to improve the air quality (ambient as well as indoor). Improving ambient air quality is a political issue and lot of policy decisions need to be taken. However, at least, indoor air quality (IAQ) can be improved after checking by experts and get it fixed at individual level. Though, there are ample number of air quality monitoring facilities available in market, but their accuracy is a question mark. The instrument used are mostly obsolete technology, cheap in quality and most important is not calibrated, which is misleading to the people. They are really confused about the good, effective and reliable testing solutions to adopt. Here comes the opportunity for Green air business as there are limited service providers in the market.

Air Quality Management Services (AQMS), is a joint venture between IPCA and YOGA creations Pvt. Ltd. The initiative is committed to provide a comprehensive solution for improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) in residential, institutional, commercial and corporate houses in urban regions of India. AQMS strictly follows National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), India, WHO and ASHRAE standards for air quality monitoring and testing using most advanced and accurate instruments like TSI make Dust Trek, IAQ monitors etc. for air pollutants such as PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, CO2, T-VOCs, CO, Ozone, SOx, NOx etc. AQMS and its expert team is intended to provide consulting services as well as holistic solutions for IAQ management.


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