Industrial Waste Management

Industrial Waste Management

IPCA provides its consultancy and executes Industrial Waste Management projects for industries of India.

1. Recycling of hazardous Waste Lubricant Oil: Disposal of any form of oil into the drain or landfillis is strictly prohibited by Central Pollution Control Board, and it is recommended to handover the waste oil to the authorized recyclers only. IPCA has been tied up with authorized recycler for the recycling of waste lubricant oil.

2. Destruction and Disposal of Goods: IPCA is provides services to various industries for the destruction and disposal of their expired /damaged goods. The following procedure adopted by IPCA for the destruction of the goods:

  • Selection of appropriate destruction practice.
  • Neutralize the damage products through adoption of appropriate technology and system to avoid any harm to the environment.
  • Recycle the recyclable content of the damage good.
  • Disposal of the destructed material at the authorized designated place.
  • Submit required documents, photo, video and certificate to the client.
  • 3. Instruments available for destruction: IPCA is equipped with the following instruments/equipments at its destruction facilities.

    • Aerosol Destruction Machine
    • Organic Waste Converter
    • Shredder
    • Food Packets Crusher
    • Electric/ and Hydraulic Baler