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Enviro Machines & Equipments

Manual Vertical Baler
IPCA with the support of its R&D team has invented Manual Vertical Baler first time in India. The Manual Baler is very efficient in area, which has no access to electricity or available for only few hours in a day. This machine will also increase employment as India has a plethora of unemployed manpower. This machine has zero operational cost as no electricity and oil is required.

Aerosol Destruction Machine (ADM)
IPCA`s sister concern M/S RecMech Enviro Pvt. Ltd. designed and manufacture Aerosol Destruction Machine for the safe disposal of damaged/expired aerosol container. The machine is unique in its design, which protects explosion due to Butane in the aerosol containers. The Machine is designed to puncture three (3) Aerosol Containers at one time of either same or different size or capacity. Aerosol Container is punctured with nail made up of non-metallic material in air-tight chamber through hydraulic pressure.Gas content of the aerosol container gets escaped through the exhaust pipe into the air at 20 feet height and dissolved into the atmosphere without any harm and the container also get compacted upto 90% of its orginal size.

Wall Mounted Baler
Wall mounted baler is very compact in size and does not require electricity and space. It can be hanged on a wall and easy to operate even by a 10-year-old kid. The machine can be great help to store waste material for more than a day at household level, retail shops, malls, restaurants, multiplex, trains and in aeroplanes. Users can crush their waste bottle/containers and reduced its volume by 1/10th and store it in the same bin for a longer period of time.


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