Environmental torch bearers taking pledge to protect the Environment.
Transforming environmental challenges into opportunities through collective social action for a livable world
Developing innovative solutions to environmental problems and challenges through novel authenticated research
Improving lives of ragpickers through regular free healthcare and awareness generation camps at the doorsteps
Mainstreaming ragpickers by building mind and capacity through true education

Paryavaran Mitra Club Meet

ParyavaranMitra Club is a way to bulid strong relationship with waste collectors and to provide them an opportunity to smile through some entertainment Program.

1st ParyavaranMitra Club

2nd ParyavaranMitra Club

3rd ParyavaranMitra Club

4th ParyavaranMitra Club

5th ParyavaranMitra Club

6th ParyavaranMitra Club

7th ParyavaranMitra Club

8th ParyavaranMitra Club

9th ParyavaranMitra Club

10th ParyavaranMitra Club


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