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SORT Project

Aim of Project The aim of this project is to educate and aware people about the importance of Efficient Waste Management practices, Source Segregation and Home Composting and also to increase the waste recycling rate of municipal waste. Background As we know, Waste management is a major problem in India, especially in highly industrialized and densely populated cities like Delhi, Noida etc. Every day Delhi generates 9500 TPD of municipal solid waste and Noida 660 TPD, out of which 65% is organic waste, 20% is recyclable waste and the remaining 15% is inert waste (waste such as chip packets, mud, construction derbies).  Due to unsystematic and improper waste collection and disposal, the whole city is gradually turning into a dumpyard. The main problem of waste management in Noida and Delhi city is lack of waste management plan and lack of involvement of different stakeholders in systematizing waste collection and disposal. So, in this perspective IPCA has initiated a project “S.O.R.T.” (Segregation of Organic Waste for Recycling and Treatment) with support of Swarn Lata Motherson Trust. This project has been started in December, 2017 and will be continued for one year. About the Project In this project the waste will be segregated at source as dry and wet waste. The wet waste will be put in Aerobin which is an Organic Waste Converter Device. It converts organic waste into compost within one to two months duration. By this process only dry waste will be sent to the landfills which will help in reduction in land required for disposal of waste and which will ultimately help in Clean and Safe Environment. Five societies have been selected under this project:

  1. Sunshine Helios, Noida
  2. Saket Dham, Noida
  3. Indraprastha villa, Noida
  4. Govt. Officers Flats, Delhi
  5. New Friends Colony, Delhi

Brief Description of project Activities

  • Detailed KAP study : This study was done to assess Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of residents towards household waste management
  • Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Aerobin: 50 Aerobins have been installed in all 5 selected societies
  • Workshop with Waste collectors, Maid, Residents and School Children: To make them aware and educate for proper waste management, household practices and source segregation.


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