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We Care

Aim of the project:

  • To educate waste pickers/waste dealers/traders/aggregators on recycling properties of MLP and motivate them to collect and segregate it in the best possible way.
  • To set up dry waste collection centre in metro cities with the help of local NGOs or waste management agencies to reduce the cost of logistics.
  • To build up a network for collection and transportation of post consumed MLP in metropolitan cities, in the first phase, where the consumption of such a product is relatively high.
  • To encourage people to participate in source segregation of waste for betterment of our environment.


In India over the last few decades, the packaging industry in India has grown exponentially. If packaging materials are not disposed off correctly it ends up as a litter. In-order to cope with this problem, there is a need for developing a mechanism of segregation, collection and channelizing it to the right recycling industry for end of life solution and developing a sustainable supply chain of waste material. A group of like minded brand owner(s), recognizing the need to take the onus plastic waste took the Extended Producer Responsibility (“EPR”), as required under the provisions of the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016 (“Rules”), to manage plastic waste generated by their respective companies.

The Consortium presently comprises of representatives from the following companies:

  1. PepsiCo India Holding Pvt. Ltd. (Brand Owner)
  2. Nestle India Ltd. (Brand Owner)
  3. Perfetti Van Melle India Private Ltd. (Brand Owner)
  4. Dabur India Ltd.
  5. Dharampal Satyapal Ltd.

About the Project
Project Locations: For a trial phase of three months following eight cities have been selected:

  • Delhi
  • Noida
  • Gurugram
  • Ghaziabad
  • Faridabad
  • Chandigarh
  •  Mumbai
  • Dehradun

Project Activities

  • Launch of WE CARE

The launch of India’s first Joint EPR Initiative, “WE CARE” was held on 28th November, 2017 at Waste to Energy Plant of ILFS & EDMC. The launch was done in the presence of various dignitaries like Dr. (IAS) Ranbir Singh, Commissioner, EDMC, Delhi, Dr. S. K. Nigam, Additional Director, CPCB, Delhi, Mr. Pradeep Khandelwal, Chief Engineer, EDMC, Mr. Deepak Aggarawal, Senior Vice President, IL&FS Environment and all five industries representatives:


  • Networking with Waste Pickers Communities

IPCA has identified different clusters of waste pickers across the various cities in India and our team is working hard to educate and aware them on MLP collection and segregation. Our team met with various waste pickers communities and educated them regarding the incentives of MLP collection and segregation. Through these training and discussions with rag pickers communities we have created a big network of rag pickers across the India and approximately 1000 Rag pickers have been connected with WE CARE.

  • Street Play

In order to educate waste pickers/waste dealers/traders/aggregators on recycling properties of MLP and motivate them to collect and segregate, street plays were organized at different locations of the selected cities.


  1. Liaisoning with Local ULBs, Municipalities, NGOs and other organizations

IPCA is regularly liaisoning with many people to Disseminate of knowledge for Producer/brand owner’s initiative for strengthen the process of collection and recycling of Post Consumed MLP waste, to increase interaction and exchange of views towards collection and recycling and to explore opportunity for partnership with ULBs and Municipalities in collection and segregation of waste.

IPCA has signed an agreement with EDMC for safe disposal of MLP. MLP collected in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Faridabad will be supplied to Waste to Energy plant at Ghazipur, which will be utilized as an alternate fuel for generation of electricity. This waste to energy plant is operated by IL&FS Environment.

  1. MLP Collection and Dispatch

IPCA team has built a big network of waste collectors, segregator and scrape dealers in all eight cities, which is very actively working in the field of collection and segregation of MLP. We have collected total 392.540 tonnes of MLP in one month in all eight cities and have dispatched 329.932 tonnes of MLP to waste to energy plant, Ghazipur. In other cities the collected MLP will be supplied soon to the respective cement plants.


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