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Garbyhog Home Builder Project

Garbyhog Home Builder

Indian pollution control association (IPCA) is implementing a fun-learning Garbyhog Home Builders Project with the Support of Dept. of Environment, Govt. of Delhi NCT. Originally, the project was conceived by Mrs. Veena Nagpal, Managing Director, Environmental Education Promoters, which is already implemented in more than hundred schools of Delhi NCR. The working of the GHB project has already been seen by the Minister for Education Shri Arvind Singh Lovely in December 2005. The Inauguration of the project in ten private schools of New Delhi was done by the Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit in December 2006.
This project uses a story book magic and a practical hands-on experience to turn Vermicomposting into fun learning with a social and moral message. It is designed to impart school children the know-how of recycling biodegradable waste into Vermicompost.

Three visits are made to each school and in each visit following activities were carried out:
Making of Vermi-beds: In a suitable location in school grounds, children were taught about making small beds with bricks. They then filled the beds with arboreal waste from the surrounding area.

Introduction of garbyhogs (composter worms): in the second visit, children were asked to water and aerate the waste for 15 days. At the end of the fortnight 2kgs of composter worms were introduced in the vermi-beds. The bed was covered and watered by children regularly for six weeks until the compost was ready.

Harvesting and refeeding: on the third and the last visit children were shown how to harvest the compost and then use it in the garden. They were also taught how to refeed garbyhome with waste from the kitchen so that the cycle of Vermicomposting starts again.

IPCA has also initiated a Garbyhog Home Builders Club. Student members of this club in 3-4 months, duration will learn the complete process of Vermicomposting. On successful completion of the project, each member of the club will be awarded with a certificate. A certificate will also be awarded to the school.


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