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Primary Education for Ragpicker`s Children

IPCA in association with India Development Service (IDS), USA has initiated primary education program for rag-pickers children in Delhi NCR in year 2012- 2013. developed strong relationship with rag-picker and his family and very much concern about education of their children, health and entertainment.

Approximately 700 Rag-picker from Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon are associated with Indian Pollution Control Association for waste management projects. These rag-pickers are migrants from West Bengal, Assam, Eastern U.P, and Bihar and earning their livelihood by collecting waste material from different sources and it is done collectively by each family member including children. Therefore, their children do not go to school for education and without education, it would be difficult to improve their lifestyle and their social status. Children who pick waste are unable to find any other means to support themselves and, often, their siblings. Walking on the road, picking up waste, they are bullied to clean up private homes, beaten by municipal sweepers and police personnel and abused by the general public, even sexually assaulted. Most people see them as greedy thieves, not as disadvantaged and poor children struggling to survive. Education is a particular challenge. Even if they do join a government school, many drops out, frequently because their government paid teachers discriminate against them.

Since Rag-pickers are Human Being and they also have several dreams about their children and when we shared our idea in providing primarily education to them during survey in our associated network of rag-pickers in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. We found them very keen in supporting us in our program of primary education. IPCA started primary education for rag-picker`s children as a pilot project with the Support from India Development Service at two different location of Noida, Uttar Pardesh. One cluster is located at Village Barola, Sector-49, Noida and another one located at Village Sarfabad, Sector-73, Noida. Each cluster has 10-15 families migrant from West Bengal engaged in waste collection and sorting business with 25-30 children of age group 3-10 years. IPCA was surprised to know that no one is going to School due to so many excuses or reasons and we determined to change this attitude. IPCA believe that education bring moral and social responsibility among the people and develop sense to take and analysis decision. IPCA will not stop its effort till primary education but will also take responsibility to provide guidance and support for admission in nearby Govt. or Private Secondary or Senior Secondary School.

IPCA envisage to meet following objectives through this program:
1. Develop Moral and Social Responsibility among the Rag-Pickers Children
2. Provide Primary education through fun learning activities
3. Through Primary education aware rag pickers community about general health care and sanitation.
4. Improve lifestyle and social status of rag-pickers community.
5. No Child becomes rag-picker without his or her
Childern from primary education program visited Hon`ble Member of Parliament, Sh. Sandeep Dixit Home on 15th August 2013 to wish him Happy Birth Day and Independence Day. Childern have presented hand made Greenting Card to Sh. Dixit on this occassion.


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