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Tendrella and Her First Aid Box

Tenderella and Her Herb Aid Box
It aims at creating awareness among school children of how prevalent wasteful human behavior patterns are leading the earth to disaster and that humans can best live in harmony with nature and not by misusing or exploiting it.
The project aims at firing the imagination of children through an entertaining and informative storybook, Tenderella and the FoFs, rousing their enthusiasm through a fun filled Audio-visual presentation and teaching them through a practical project within the school premises, how one activity i.e. learning how to plant and nurture medicinal herbs and how to use them beneficially, can begin to change behavior patterns.
The Project was originally conceived by Mrs. Veena Nagpal, Managing Director, Environmental Education Promoters and supported by Dept. of Environment and Forest, Delhi NCT. The Project has two components as follow:
1. Sensitization
Twenty students each from ten schools at a time will participate in an inspiring workshop where with the aid of an audio-visual presentation they will be sensitized as to how human activity is adversely affecting various aspects of our environment – land, air, water, flora and fauna and will be motivated to do something about it.
They will also be shown environment films and each student will be given a copy of the book Tenderella and the FoFs.

2. Practical Planting of Herbal Plants
This activity will be carried out in each of the schools separately. Twenty students will be given a herbal plant each and taught the process of planting – making of pot mixture with sand, soil and compost; transferring the sapling to the pot/earth and how to nurture it. They will also be taught the names of the herbs and their common uses.


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