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Garbage Recycling Services

Garbage Recycling Services: IPCA follow zero waste management approach and utilized maximum constituent of waste through following means in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management.


IPCA is putting lots of efforts in creating awareness among the stakeholders of our society to segregate their waste at the source and encourage people to start their own waste management by segregation of waste at least into bio-degradable and non-degradable. IPCA also provides training to its Paryavarn Mitra for secondary segregation of solid waste into bio-degradable organic waste, plastic, paper, glass, metal and non-recyclable components.

  • Recycling

    After segregating the waste into bio-degradable and non bio-degradable, IPCA provides following type of Recycling services to the society:

  • Recycling of Bio-degradable Waste: IPCA channelize segregated bio-degradable organic waste into Vermicomposting, Pig Farming, and Pisci-culture Farming. IPCA is operating vermicomposting unit in association with “Citizen Environment Improvement Society, Noida”.
  • Vermicomposting: It is a bio-oxidation process of organic materials and involves a joint action of earthworms and micro-organisms. Earthworms (Easinea foetida) breakdown organic wastes into a stable non-toxic material with good structure, which has a potentially high economic value as soil conditioner and manure for plant growth. Participation of inoculated earthworms in vermicomposting magnified the process by both quality and quantity within shortened duration. Thus, vermicomposting has many other advantages especially in ecological terms.
  • Pig Farming: bio-degradable organic waste with high moisture content (e.g. cooked vegetable, curd, dal etc.) is not recommended for vermicomposting. Therefore, IPCA feed wet garbage to the pigs and utilized the wet garbage.
  • Pisci Culturing: IPCA feeds meat waste material to pisci culturing center for its best utilization.
  • Recycling of Non Bio-degradable Waste: IPCA has a broad network of recycler at PAN India for the recycling of various waste commodities like Paper, Tetra Pak`s Packages, Plastic, Card-board, Glass, Metal, waste lube oil etc.


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