Breathing clean air is a basic human right, the modern era has deprived us our right and created a question on our healthy living !!

Air Pollution is now the world’s largest single environmental health risk. 1 in every 8 deaths on earth can be linked to air pollution. Around 2 million people die annually in India due to indoor air pollution (Global Burden of Disease Report 2014). Doctors are seeing an increase in cases of acute respiratory conditions like asthma, lung cancer, breathing problems, heart disorders and other associated ailments, which is a matter of concern for everyone.

The current scenario has incubated the formation of a new division called Air Quality Monitoring System (AQMS) by Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) with a focus to empower people and society to live a health life by making them aware about the quality of air they are breathing. AQMS is leading the move towards scientifically based air quality monitoring, a way that promises to deliver better air quality testing for corporate, government and citizens alike.

About AQMS Division

AQMS division was established in year  2016 at IPCA, an NGO, working in the environmental sector since year 2001. The aims of this initiative were “to provide unbiased Air Quality Testing &Consultation services; and  to understand the air you breathe and suggest solutions ” by experts with the help of finest range (Gold standard) of calibrated instruments and their knowledge.  It works at investigating, identifying and providing performance measurement solutions by taking on a  difficult problems and providing tools for further improvement in air quality. AQMS is committed to provide a comprehensive solution for improving the indoor air quality in residential, institutional, commercial and corporate houses in urban regions of India. AQMS strictly follows National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), India, WHO, ASHRAE standards for air quality monitoring and testing using most advanced and accurate instruments. The company’s air quality monitors are annually calibrated, tried and tested by TSI, USA, TESTO Co Ltd., Envirotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. As the shift towards scientific instruments for air quality monitoring accelerates AQMS is setting the standard for others to follow.

*our team maintains a relentless focus on quality. Our solutions are research driven and field tested. Air Quality Pollutants research requires instruments with accurate, consistent and reliable results. we equip you with tools you can trust every time. AQMS and its expert team is intended to provide consulting services as well as holistic solutions for IAQ management.

  • Well equipped laboratory with scientific grade air testing and monitoring devices to perform either spot testing or real time continuous air monitoring.
  • Battery operated instruments convenient, portable and affordable for air quality monitoring.


AQMS believes in providing air testing & consultation services of subject matter experts to its clients at fair price. Also we strictly follow national & international standards in sampling and analysis of air which helps in getting a fair understanding of air that you breathe. Details of the services provided by AQMS are as following:

  1. 3600 consultation for Air Quality in Home/Office/Corporate:
    • Air Quality modelling & Monitoring, Study of layout & Previous reports, Interaction with stakeholders & end users, On-site inspections, Air quality testing, Report making & sharing and Consulting & facilitating customized solutions
    • Testing of PM10 & PM2.5, CO2, T-VOCs, CO, Ozone, Sox, NOx and others
    • Comprehensive chemical testing lab and Digital instrument lab
    • 8/12/24 hours profile, Point source testing and real time monitoring services
    • Finest range of calibrated instruments (TSI, MSA, Testo, Wolf sense, Envirotech & others)
  1. Continued monitoring continued solutions continued health benefits:
    • Continued Real time testing of air pollution, Continued R&D, Continued sharing of results, Continued discussions with health experts, Continued customized solutions
    • Recommendations to manage what is measured
    • Continued R&D on exposure and solutions; will put the results in public domain
    • Continued education of all stakeholders: primary goal to improve health benefits
  1. Validation testing services for Air Purifiers/solutions:
    • Before & After testing services for solutions available in market in closed chamber and in standard Indian real-life situations
    • Finding out the air-flow and CADR in actual working real time conditions and doing seasonal studies on effectiveness of filter/media/technology
    • On site before & after air quality check for satisfaction of consumers

We offer special packages at great discounted price for large corporate-towers/hotels and for residential apartment/homes. Complete price list is available on request.

  • Improve your family’s health – A perfect solution for your HOME
  • Effective & Efficient workplace – Clean Air at your OFFICE
  • Healthy SCHOOLS & INSTITUTES – A Healthy Future
  • Monitoring of PM5 before, during and after odd even trial in Delhi at independent monitoring stations from CPCB and DPCC (year April, 2016)
  • Exposure monitoring of PM5 at different bus stations on ring road in Delhi to cover entire ring road (May 2016)
  • Comparative monitoring and exposure analysis of PM 5 in A/C & Non A/C buses in Delhi (April to June 2016)
  • PM 5 pollution exposure at different bus routes in Delhi-Gurgaon
  • Ozone analysis produced by different air purifiers (Ongoing)
  • Chamber studies and CADR calculations of various Air purifiers (Samsung, Sharp, Ongoing…)
  • Air quality testing (10 parameters) in centralized air conditioned & sealed buildings (Siemens, Gurgaon completed in March 2017)
  • Residential IAQ testing in 3BHK homes in Delhi (Ongoing since November 2016…)
  • IAQ testing in FICCI building, Federation House at Tansen Marg, Delhi (Ongoing since January 2018)
  • IAQ testing in Delhi – NCR offices of Dalmia Group (Ongoing…)
  • Partner with CPCB, Govt. of India in developing protocols and guidelines for Air Purifiers in India (initiated in February 2018)

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