Destruction and Disposal of Industrial waste

The consumer good industrial production in India is increasing exponentially with our growth rate but some quantity of products remains unconsumed due to expiry, transit damage, changes in packaging, changes in composition etc. The unconsumed product needs to be disposed in an safe manner as mishandling of industrial waste can cause irreparable damage to humans and the environment.  In addition, the waste handling infrastructure can become overburdened when industrial material eligible for recycling. Such challenges can be mitigated by ensuring proper collection, recycling and disposal of industrial waste by a qualified and experienced waste management company like IPCA. IPCA established a destruction and disposal facility in year 2002 in Delhi and caters to the needs of the industry that require waste disposal services.

Service domain

  • Offers safe and environment friendly destruction and disposal of industrial waste at IPCA facility
  • Logistic support for the collection and disposal of Industrial waste
  • Develop comprehensive plan for Industrial Waste Management to maximize utilization of waste material generated by adopting various recycling approaches
  • Training and capacity building for effective implementation of Industrial Waste Management Plan
  • Risk mitigation for misuse of damaged goods in the grey market.

IPCA industrial waste management operations

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