My 10 kg Campaign

My 10Kg campaign, was conceptualized by IPCA, and was supported and adopted by Dabur India Ltd. The campaign addresses the ever-increasing problem of plastic waste disposal by creating awareness on plastic waste collection, segregation, correct disposal and recycling of plastic waste. 

This campaign is based on the principle of Extended Citizen Responsibility (ECR) which encourages each Indian national to take responsibility for the problem of Plastic waste by collecting atleast 10 kg of plastic waste. The quantity is based on CPCB’s 2015 report which states that per capita plastic waste generation in India is 10 kg per year. Thus, collecting an equivalent amount would lead us on a path of plastic neutral economy.  The immediate benefits of the campaign would include reduction in littering of plastic waste, reduced plastic waste related pollution, enhanced recycling. 

IPCA’s Action domain and services 

  • Bring about a social behavioral change in Indian citizens with respect to plastic waste collection, segregation and recycling/disposal of plastic waste
  • Provide an established channel and infrastructure for efficient collection and recycling/co-processing of Plastic Waste
  • Provide Door-to-Door collection of Plastic waste from the target localities.
  • Educate and create awareness about the problem of plastic waste so that people are encouraged to sort and recycle plastic waste.
  • Reduce littering and pressure on landfills. Increasing recycling of Plastic waste

Impacts of the Campaign

IPCA started this campaign in house and later extended it to the community. The East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) played a significant role in the expansion of the campaign to several households. Over the years more organization and stakeholders connected to IPCA in various capacities for collection, recycling and co-processing of plastic waste. As the network expanded the impacts of the campaign could be actualized on ground.

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