IPCA believes in closing the loop from waste generation to consumption, sending minimal amount of waste to the landfills. We therefore, make use of every possible waste material and recycle and process them to produce compost, paper, boards, clothes, electricity and other products.

In association with our sister concern, M/s RecMech Enviro Pvt. Ltd, we have been developing new technologies and equipments to promote efficient waste management practices in India. With equipments like Aerosol Destruction Machine, Electric Baler, Hydraulic Baler, Wall Mounted Baler, and Food Packets Crusher, we have been successful in reducing the cost of waste handling and transportation of waste from source to treatment facility.

The waste collected from various sources is segregated into different categories by a team of trained workers. These categories are then processed separately, using different technologies as per the requirement. This helps in saving maximum amount of waste and converting it into useful products. As a result, only a meagre percentage of waste is sent to the landfill.


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