Air Quality Monitoring and Testing

IPCA is providing air testing & consultation services to its clients including individual household, corporate offices, educational institutes, hotels, malls and hospitals. We strictly follow national & international standards in sampling and analysis of air which helps in getting a fair understanding of air that you breathe. Details of the services provided by IPCA are as follow:

360° consultation for Air Quality in Home/Office/Corporate:

  •  Air Quality modelling & Monitoring, Study of layout & Previous reports, Interaction with stakeholders & end users, On-site inspections, Air quality testing, Report making & sharing and Consulting & facilitating customized solutions
  • Testing of PM10 & PM2.5, CO2, T-VOCs, CO, Ozone, Sox, NOx and others
  •  Comprehensive chemical testing lab and Digital instrument lab
  •  8/12/24 hours profile, Point source testing and real time monitoring services
  • Finest range of calibrated instruments (TSI, MSA, Testo, Wolf sense,
    Envirotech & others)

1. Continued monitoring – continued solutions – continued health

  • Continued Real time testing of air pollution, Continued R&D,
    Continued sharing of results, Continued discussions with health
    experts, Continued customized solutions
  •  Recommendations to manage what is measured
  • Continued R&D on exposure and solutions; will put the results in
    public domain
  • Continued education of all stakeholders: primary goal to improve
    health benefits

2. Validation testing services for Air Purifiers/solutions:

  • Before & After testing services for solutions available in market in closed chamber and in standard Indian real-life situations
  •  Finding out the air-flow and CADR in actual working real time conditions and doing seasonal studies on effectiveness of filter/media/technology
  • On site before & after air quality check for satisfaction of consumers We offer special packages at great discounted price for large corporate- towers/hotels and for residential apartment/homes. Complete price list is
    available on request.

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