EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility)

Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change has given special emphasis on strengthen the Extended Producer Responsibility in all types of Waste Management Rules notified in 2016. This may help the nation to have efficient waste management system with shared responsibility of all stakeholders of society.

Extended Producer Responsibility is a concept where manufacturers, producer, brand owner, and importers of products should bear a significant degree of responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products throughout the product life-cycle, including selection of raw material and design to produce the product and its packaging, efficient manufacturing process with minimum impact on environment, and develop collection back mechanism for the post consumed products and get it recycle.

IPCA is a India first registered Producer Responsibility Organization(PRO) with Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) for managing plastic waste and help Producers/Brand owner to develop an action plan and execute EPR policy on ground at national level.

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