Being an NGO we meet a lot of people who are looking to help the environment but are not informed about, how they can contribute towards a better environment. This article will help you understand simple things you can do with your house to help in protecting mother earth.

Recycling is more than sorting out plastic bottles and composting leftovers. Proper disposal of household objects is of the utmost importance, never more so than with materials that pose a threat to the environment if relegated to a landfill. Here are just some of the common household items that you can recycle:

Electronics are good for us and a bad news for the environment electronics contain metals that are potentially harmful to the environment, like mercury, lead, and cadmium. In India we don’t have a lot of information on recycling centers that help you dispose Electronics items. The next time you want to dispose these items, just Google search “recycling center near me”, go to the nearest center and let them help you dispose the electronics waste. (You can also make a small buck, while saving the environment)

Batteries contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals—lead and acid among them. Make sure to separate standard two-button batteries (9-volt, AA, AAA, D, etc.) from your regular trash and bring them to recycling locations. Again Google the nearest center and will be help the environment a lot.

Motor Oil
New oil is one thing, but used oil contains dirt and toxins collected during use. Many manufacturers actually recycle the used oil they collect, cleaning it and then blending it with new oil. If you change your own car oil, do it at an authorized car services center and allow the professionals to properly dispose of it for you.

Tyres are a big environmental issue. Because they are so bulky and do not decompose, at landfills. Tyres also contain heavy metals that can leech out into the surrounding area over time. Some tyre manufacturers will collect old tyres and outfit them with new treads. Other companies are chipping them into new material for a variety of recycled products. If you’re not going to make a tyre swing from your old used tyres, bring them to a garage or deliver to a commercial outfit for reuse.