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Garbage Recycling Program

This is a self sustained program launched in 2003 in which IPCA provides door- to- door Municipal Solid waste collection services. The waste collected is segregated and channelled to respective recycling industries.

Campaign Methodology: 

  • To improve Solid Waste Management scenario in Indian Cities by following recycling and scientific disposal of the waste
  • To facilitate residential colonies in safe disposal of municipal waste
  • To segregate waste and channelize it to the respective recycling industry
  • To bring waste collectors to the organized sector Components of the program


IPCA conducts training sessions for waste collectors in order to brief them about source segregation, process of waste management and its benefits. These trainings are repeated every year for new entrants. During these trainings, uniforms, badges, identity cards and safety kits are provided to the team. Waste Collection and transportation IPCA has deputed a team of trained waste collectors to collect the garbage from household, corporate, educational institutes, malls, markets, hotels, etc.. The waste collectors wear uniform and identity card issued by IPCA. Waste is transported to a designated site for further segregation through tricycle. Waste Segregation The most important task in the whole system is to get waste segregated. The site receives two kinds of waste viz. bio-degradable and non-biodegradable. The non-biodegradable material such as plastic, papers, metal, cardboard, etc., are then separated and sent for recycling. Similarly, the biodegradable waste is sent to the vermicomposting site for further action.

Waste Recycling

IPCA has tied up with a number of recycling industries for recycling of segregated recyclable components of the garbage.

The program provides end of pipeline solution to the solid waste generated in various residential colonies, corporate, educational institutes, malls and hotels. Every year, appx. 1500 MT of waste is collected and sent for recycling.