Make India Shine: Convert Waste Challenge in to an Opportunity
Segregation of waste
Project Air Care
RJ Gagan (92.7 Big FM) in conversation with Ashish Jain, Director, IPCA
Source Segregation of Waste
Corporate Social Responsibility will Clean Air
Plastic waste management
Plastic waste management
How to manage our plastic waste
how to reduce the plastic waste
Rag-pickers education program
Rag-pickers life
Household waste recycling
How IPCA is helping the environment.
Recycling and waste segregation
New Delhi chokes under worst smog in decades | DW News
Reality Check: Poisonous Air In Delhi (Special Program) seg - 2
Dr.Radha Goyal view on Air Pollution
Aao Badle Soanch
Aerosol Destruction Machine
IPCA Documentary
PET/Tetra Pak/can compact machine
Vermicomposting training of IPCA and PEG documentry by Delhi Doordarshan
Vermicomposting training by IPCA and PEG
Project S.O.R.T
Plastic Carry Bag Free Day (Jul 3, 2020)
Capacity Building and Awareness For Waste Workers
Say No To Plastic (Plastic Ko Kaho Na)
capacity building and awareness for waste workers and other stakeholders
Say No To Plastic (Plastic Ko Kaho Na)
Material Recovery Facility for Better Waste Management
WE CARE (EPR for Plastic Waste Management)
My 10 Kg Plastic
Say No To Plastic (Plastic Ko Kaho Na)
IPCA Awareness Mission
Spreading awareness among cleanliness workers with our Education program.
Plastic Carry Bag Free Day
Sustainable Projects of IPCA in Waste Management and Air Quality
IPCA Journey of 20 years
The Journey 2021
Project SORT
Work of workers Union Manipur: Project Relish
Recycling of Temple flower by Pushpanjali eco Nirmit
SORT (Segregation of Organic Waste for Recycling and Treatment
What is waste and how it is generated.
Termite Proof Plastic Recycled Board
एरोबिक कंपोस्टिंग टेक्निक का इस्तेमाल कर दिल्ली की सोसायटी हो रही है कूड़ा मुक्त
MCD. शाहदरा साउथ जोन के 100 सोसाइटी और संस्थान हुए जीरो वेस्ट :मेयर शैली ओबराय