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Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change has given special emphasis on strengthen the Extended Producer Responsibility in all types of Waste Management Rules notified in 2016. This may help the nation to have efficient waste management system with shared responsibility of all stakeholders of society.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

IPCA has worked with leading organizations in a range of industries and offered them comprehensive & customisable services to execute their CSR. IPCA conceptualize & executes the thematic projects for the clients in a very efficient manner. IPCA has a dedicated CSR team that helps clients prepare, implement & monitor their CSR Projects in line with their CSR policies. We have executed more than ten CSR Projects as of now with customised services for planning, assessment, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. We help our clients conceptualise and implement comprehensive CSR projects and our services include the following:

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Water & Solid Waste Audit

In its more than two decades of journey in the realm of Environmental Sustainability, IPCA has got rich & wide experience in assessing the environmental parameters. With its learnings & pool of knowledge, IPCA has been providing consultancies to a wide range of stakeholders and these services are not restricted to just solid waste but also expanded to water and air as well.

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Air Quality Management

The problem of polluted air has been a major area of concern for India, with the most common sources of pollution being household air pollution, motor vehicles, industrial facilities, resuspension of dust from ground and forest fires. The health impacts associated with the degrading air quality are grave- increased air pollution is associated with an increase in respiratory infections, especially in children; increased morbidity and mortality, due to cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases even Covid-19.

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Solid Waste Management

IPCA has been dedicated to provide technical inputs/solutions to the waste related issues of residential colonies, industries, corporate, markets, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants since its inception. At the same time, we take care of the most important stakeholder in waste management chain- Waste Collectors/Waste Workers. Residential colonies IPCA executes projects on proper segregation and disposal of waste in the residential colonies. As part of the programme, we train all stakeholders involved in the waste generation and disposal process and provide support services. The programme includes

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Plastic Waste Management

The campaign follows a four-step approach to bring about a change in the society: An initiative supported by Bisleri Pvt. Ltd., the Bottles for change is an awareness generating campaign that intents to educate citizens about, waste segregation and recycling of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles though versatile are also prone to littering and this campaign intends to bring behavioural change through inculcating the habit of recycling and adopting best practices for a cleaner environment. The recycled plastics can be used to make furniture, hand bags, window blinds and, even fabric and textile.

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