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(A Campaign by IPCA for Extended Citizen Responsibility)


India is struggling to dispose its growing quantities of Plastic waste. According to CPCB (2012), India generates close to 26,000 tonnes of Plastic a day and more than 10,000 tonnes a day of plastic waste remains uncollected. This uncollected plastic waste eventually ends up in the natural environment – in our seas and oceans or piling up on lands. This also causes choking of drainage and river systems, soil and water Pollution, ingestion by stray animals, and open air burning leading to adverse impact on human health and environment. To address the issue of plastic waste management, Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016 were an attempt to improve legislation, and state that every local body has to be responsible for setting up infrastructure for segregation, collection, processing and disposal of plastic waste. With this Prime Minister Narender Modi also stressed upon the impact of Plastic and wanted India to become Plastic Free by 2022. Therefore, with the objective to bring social behavioral change among the citizen of India with respect to collection, segregation and storing of plastic waste, Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) has conceived and initiated a national campaign on “My 10Kg Plastic” with Dabur India Ltd and in association with East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). The campaign is being supported by many other organizations, corporate, institutes, RWAs and schools at local, regional and national level. 

Campaign Methodology:

Under this campaign, general citizen, people from RWAs, Schools, colleges, Corporate and Institutes will participate to segregate their plastic and store separately. Each month IPCA will collect the plastic waste stored by them and will send it to respective recycling/ co-processing units. The participating citizens and the organization will be given an appreciation certificate and a product made from recycled material.