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(A Campaign by IPCA for Extended Citizen Responsibility)

My 10 kg Plastic Campaign

IPCA conceived and implemented My 10 kg Plastic Campaign in 2019 which was supported & adopted by Dabur India Limited and executed in association with East Delhi Municipal Corporation. The campaign's holistic aim is to educate waste generators on waste segregation & implement decentralized system of plastic waste management. The campaign's activities include awareness generation on plastic waste collection, segregation and right disposal. campaign promotes recycling of plastic waste.

The idea behind this campaign came from the fact which states that per capita consumption of plastic in India is near about 10 kg per annum (FICCI, 2017-18) and this figure is estimated to rise in the coming years. To avert the plastic waste crisis, it is required to have a strategy that has a vision to solve the problem sustainably. My 10 kg Plastic Campaign provides a sustainable solution to India's problem with plastic waste and it is driven by community it self.

My 10 kg Plastic Campaign, which promotes Extended Citizen Responsibility, has become the campaign of more than 50,000 house holds in Delhi NCR. This campaign is by the people, for the people and is driven solely due to eager participation of community. To acknowledge their participation, IPCA rewards them with appreciation certificates & recycled products made from their segregated plastic waste.

Campaign's Process

Impact of the Campaign