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Health Care Program

Of infectious diseases due to their frequent exposure to unhealthy conditions and lack of awareness about health care and hygiene. IPCA advocates the concept "a healthy society of young children contributes towards clean and healthy India by undertaking the initiative of "Health Care Program for Rag-pickers with the financial support from India Development Services, USA, which is in continuation with the existing "Primary Education Programme for Rag picker Children" at 5 different primary education centres in Delhi NCR w.e.f. 15 th September, 2015.

Aim of the Programme

This program envisaged with the following objectives

  • To identify maln
  • utrition in childrenTo reduce malnutrition with special attention to underweight
  • To facilitate medical services
  • To improve their physical health with critical examination of each child and their health


Activities Undertaken 

a. Health Check Ups: One health check up camp has been organized at primary education centre in every month. In each health camps about 30-60 children, who are part of primary education program have been inspected by the medicine professionals. Children were examined and provided free medicines including de-worming pills as per the prescription from medicinal professional.
b. Distribution of medicines: During the health camps multi-vitamins and medicine for de-worming have also been distributed to all the children.
c. Dental check up: Dental check up and systemic examination including, Respiratory Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR); have also been carried out to get the complete health status of every child.
d. Reputed Physicians: In these camps physicians from reputed hospitals physically examine the children to check his/her general health condition, parameters like Body Mass Index (BMI), Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), skin, nails, hairs as well as the anaemic condition have also been checked.