Project RELISH

Project RELISH (Recognizing and Empowering Local Initiatives for a Sustainable Habitat) is a pan- India project launched on 16 October 2020. It aims to recognize, appreciate and bolster the efforts made by organizations working towards management of solid waste at the grass roots of India. The project stemmed out of the need to strengthen these organizations by rendering them appropriate platforms for learning, sharing and evolving. Objectives:


  • Develop a chain of change makers contributing to sustainable management of solid waste
  • Build capacities of organizations for effectively working in the domain
  • Provide a platform for organizations to demonstrate their work and aspirations 
  • Promote knowledge sharing so that best practices in the field of Solid Waste Management can be adopted.
  • Acknowledge challenges faced in implementing programmes on Solid Waste Management and seek solutions.

“The project is currently inviting applications from organizations/agencies/start-up ideas that are willing to participate. Eligibility criteria and submission requirements are mentioned in the Application Guidelines.

Please download the application form and send your application before 31 December 2020”

Applications are closed now