Solid Waste Management

IPCA has been dedicated to provide technical inputs/solutions to the waste related issues of residential colonies, industries, corporate, markets, educational institutes, hotels and restaurants since its inception. At the same time, we take care of the most important stakeholder in waste management chain- Waste Collectors/Waste Workers. Residential colonies IPCA executes projects on proper segregation and disposal of waste in the residential colonies. As part of the programme, we train all stakeholders involved in the waste generation and disposal process and provide support services. The programme includes

  1. Specialized training on source segregation of Municipal Solid Waste
  2. Installation of dustbins
  3. Door-to- Door Collection of Garbage
  4. Composting / vermi-composting of organic waste
  5. Tree plantation drives
  6. Manure for garden/plants

Educational Institutions

  1. Training of students on source segregation and waste management
  2. Exposure visits to our recycling and vermi-composting centres
  3. Volunteering experience in our projects
  4. Awareness on various environmental issues
  5. IEC material on environment
  6. Hotels/Restaurants/ Market
  7. Collection and management of food waste
  8. Collection and reycling of recyclable waste

Waste Collectors/ Waste Workers
IPCA has formed a team of waste collectors/waste workers and call them ‘Paryavaran Mitra’, We build the capacity of these Paryavaran Mitra on regualr basis through various communication tools to improve their lifestyle, income, and health. We are committed to transform this informal sector into more organized and formal sector.We provide the following services to the Paryavaran Mitra and their families:

  1. Capacity building on waste collection and segregation of waste
  2. Safety kits including gloves, cap, T-shirt, masks, etc
  3. Health check-ups and other medical facilities
  4. Educational facilities to their children
  5. Career counselling of their children