Plastic Waste Management

The campaign follows a four-step approach to bring about a change in the society: An initiative supported by Bisleri Pvt. Ltd., the Bottles for change is an awareness generating campaign that intents to educate citizens about, waste segregation and recycling of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles though versatile are also prone to littering and this campaign intends to bring behavioural change through inculcating the habit of recycling and adopting best practices for a cleaner environment. The recycled plastics can be used to make furniture, hand bags, window blinds and, even fabric and textile.

IPCA’s Action and Service Domain


In 2020, Bisleri in association with IPCA implemented this project in Delhi and NCR. IPCA undertakes the following activities under the project: 

  1. Provide Logistic Support to execute the campaign.
  2. Awareness generation among Delhi NCR Households.
  3. Inclusion of informal sector (rag-picker) for collection of plastic waste,
  4. Collect and segregate plastic bottles.
  5. Channelize the plastic waste to respective recycling facilities.
  6. Support for App based registration and documentation to Bisleri.

Impacts of the Campaign

The project started operations in October 2020 with a few residential societies of Noida but since has expanded to over 50 locations in a short span of 6 months. The lifetime of the initiative though small at present, it has been able to make a significant impact in thousands of households. The quantifiable impacts of the campaign are as follows:

  1. Signs of behavioral changes observed in the households undertaking the campaign
  2. Households segregating waste at source for recycling
  3. Providing sustainable livelihood to rag-picker who collect and segregate the plastic waste.
  4. 53 locations have taken up the campaign in Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida. 
  5. In 6 months, 12.258 Tonnes of Plastic bottles have been recycled with a monthly collection reaching 3600Kg.