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Tetra Pak Packages Recycling

Paper and 25% aluminum and polyethlene and it is 100% recyclable but only few recyclers Like Daman Ganga Paper Board Mill in Vapi, Gujrat and Deluxe Recycling India Pvt. Ltd., Thane, Sundaram Multi Pap Maharashtra are able to recycle these cartons at its maximum.Due to this there is lack of awareness among the waste dealers and general public about the recycling option of these cartons and they mix these valuable cartons with other waste and we loss our valuable natural resources.

Therefore, IPCA in association with Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. is running an awareness program for the waste collectors and dealers to  educate them the importance of segregation of recyclable waste material and sale the segregated material to its respective recycling industry. IPCA has adopted different tools to create awareness among the waste collectors and scrap dealers community, which are as follow:

1. Workshop for waste collectors and scrap dealers

IPCA is organizing at least one workshop in a month at different location of Delhi NCR for waste collectors and scrap dealers community. The workshop organized within waste collectors habitat and they are educated about the recycling nature of Tetra Pak`s Cartons and how they can segregate these carton from Municipal Solid Waste and earn money.

2. Street Play

Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd has appointed professional team of theater artist who perform street play for waste collector
community at their habitat. This is very entertaining mode of awareness and people enjoyed a lot during street play and simultaneously they got the message.

3. Muppet Show

This is another entertaining tool to create awareness about segregation and recycling. IPCA has received good response through these tools of awareness. This is again scripted and performed by the professional appointed by Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. and IPCA is helping in organizing the show within the waste collectors community. Through this show, we are able to reach to the family of waste collectors and got an opportunity to bring smile on their family.

4. Magic Show

IPCA is working with waste collectors community for very long period of time and it was observed during IPCA visit to their place and interaction with them that they do not have any source of entertainment for themselves and for their family. They are working 24 x 7 just to clean our city. They started their job quite early in the morning all seven days of a week and up their day at late evening with lots of fatigue. Therefore, it is little bit effort of IPCA with the help of Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. to bring smile on waste collectors and their family even for a short duration. IPCA has incorporated Magic show at its workshop for waste collectors.

5. Health Camp

It was also observed that waste collectors and their families areworking and living in a very unhygienic environment and suffering from various diseases, which will affect their family and their own work efficiency in long term. Because they handle municipal solid waste, they are very prone to get infection and sometimes very serious diseases like Septicimia, Tuberculosis, Diarrhorea etc. Since IPCA, Tetra Pak, and waste collectors are working as a family now, thus it`s become our moral and social responsibility to make our waste collectors and their families healthier. Therefore, IPCA with the support of Tetra Pak India Pvt. Ltd. is organizing one Free Medical Health Check Up and Immunization Camp in every month in different locations of Delhi NCR.

6. Tetra Pak`s Carton Baling

Due to above all activities with waste collectors community in Delhi NCR, IPCA able to get segregated Used Beverages Cartons (UBC) from waste collectors. IPCA is plying its Vehicle TaTa Ace for the collection of UBC and bring all the material to its baling site at Village Dallupura, Near Dharamshella Hospital, Delhi. Since the weight of segregated UBC is very less as compare to their volume as it contain lots of air, therefore, IPCA has installed Hydraulic vertical baler to reduce the volume of collected UBC. This facility has helped us to reduce cost on transportation of Tetra Pak Cartons to the recyclers located at Thane and vapi. Baled UBC transfer to the Recycling Industries for 100% recovery of paper, Aluminum and Poly-ethylene in the form of paper and Poly-Al Sheet. These recycled paper and poly-al sheets can be fabricated into different range of products. These products can be viewed at recycled products link.