In the eco-friendly world we live in, recycling plays a major role in saving energy, and with modern solutions, it is possible to reduce the waste we create at home. The packaging that comes with many of the products we buy is not biodegradable, and plastic is everywhere, but if you want to do your bit for the planet, here are some ideas on how to reduce and effectively manage the household waste.

Recycle Containers
With a little creativity, it is amazing what you can reuse, and if you are lacking inspiration, there are thousands of websites that are dedicated to recycling household items. Plastic bottles can become container gardens, and any box, jar, or bag, can be used as a container, so think twice before committing something to the rubbish bin.

Don’t Use Plastic Bags
Take a cloth bag when you go shopping, and politely refuse when the shopkeeper wants to put your items in a plastic bag. He or she will understand, as the retail trade is promoting the use of cloth shopping bags contrary to the give away plastic one we all know so well.

Every family home contains things that will never be used again for one reason or another, clothes that have been outgrown, toys that are never played with, and items of furniture that have been banished to the attic or basement. All these things can be put into a skip and taken to the nearest charity outlet.

If you are an avid gardener, you will already know that food scraps can be added to the compost and will provide valuable nutrients to your garden. Keep a plastic tub near the back door and scrape all the food leftovers into that, making sure the lid is a good seal. A daily deposit into the compost heap will add a lot of goodness, and it is better than throwing it in the bin for the system to destroy.

If a family is eco-friendly and conscious of the many ways, we can change our lifestyle and habits, they can dramatically reduce their waste, and if we all followed that ideal, the world would be a much better place.

We have taken too much from Mother Earth, and it is time to adopt eco-friendly practices, in order for our children’s children to enjoy life as we do.

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