Research & Academics

IPCA gives emphasis to the fact that environmental sustainability and academics goes hand in hand. And hence, IPCA has been consciously working towards development of its academic arm and has evolved as an educational institution that encourages entrepreneurship in solid Waste management, support equal job opportunities to women, and work towards creating more and more green jobs through its collaboration with institutes like Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ), TERI SAS & Jamia Hamdard University. In the previous financial year, IPCA has successfully executed online training programme (Project RELISH), Certificate Course on Entrepreneurship in Solid Waste Management and signed MoUs with several institutions in order to promote entrepreneurship in solid waste management, provide job opportunities to SHGs and promote research & development in the allied fields.

Project RELISH (Recognizing and Empowering Local Initiatives for a Sustainable Habitat), a pan- India project, was launched in October 2020. This project aimed to recognize, train and build the capacity of organizations working at the grassroots level on solid waste management. It also empowered individuals who were passionate about starting their enterprise in the realm of waste management. The project has highlighted the success of participating organizations & individuals without ignoring the challenges they have been facing while implementing waste management projects. The project enhanced the capabilities of these organizations and connected them with larger platforms. The project was successfully th completed with 20 participants from 10 different states/UT and IPCA celebrated its 20 anniversary with these 20 participants with the hope and wish that these 20 participants will replicate IPCA's vision and learning in their area of working for the betterment of environment and society.

Alliance with Institutions

TERI School of Advanced Studies IPCA signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TERI School of Advanced Studies to advance the collaborative ideas and objectives related to academics and research in the field of waste management. The aim is to undertake research projects on waste management, awareness and training program for the students, and run campaign to bring behavioural change in the society for sustainable environment. As a result of this collaboration, IPCA& TERI SAS launched the Certificate Course on Entrepreneurship in Solid Waste Management. The certificate course is designed to focus on training the minds to explore the scope of entrepreneurship in managing waste effectively and enhancing its recycling and recovery. This joint initiative aims to develop efficient future social entrepreneurs.

IPCA Centre for Waste Management and Research

Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) and TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI SAS) have joined hands to establish IPCA Centre for Waste Management and Research (ICWMR), a think tank in the field of waste management, environment and sustainable development. The Centre will be instrumental in undertaking evidence-based research, developing technology, bringing innovations, conducting capacity building programmes, and developing sustainable supply chain of waste. It will publish insights by eliciting inputs through organizing working group sessions, conferences and collaborating with similar national and international institutes. It will also enroll research scholar for their PhD Degree.  The centre was inaugurated by Dr Prashant Gargava, Member Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board Govt. of India on 20th December 2022 at TERI SAS, Delhi.

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Certificate Course On Entrepreneurship In Solid Waste Management

Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) and TERI School of Advanced Studies (TERI- SAS) have launched a Certificate Course on ‘Entrepreneurship in Solid Waste Management’.

About the Course

The course aims to reach out to individuals who are passionate and keen on starting their enterprise in the realm of solid waste management. The course is expected to enhance the understanding of participants on waste management, its associated issues and opportunities. It will help the participants to explore the scope of entrepreneurship in the supply chain of waste management. It is a one-of-its-kind programme where subjective knowledge on waste management will be blended with practical applications.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Offset Simulation Model

IPCA has been implementing decentralized system of Solid Waste Management for past 20 years. Source segregation and treatment of waste has become the most practical and acceptable solution to the issue of solid waste management. Treatment of Organic Solid Waste through composting method helps in promoting green growth, reducing GHG emissions and also reducing the cost of transportation of solid waste from its generation point to the waste disposal site. IPCA, under Project S.O.R.T, calculated the GHG emissions which the project was able to mitigate by implementing the practice of source segregation and community composting at around 56 locations in Delhi NCR. The simulation spread sheet model developed by Institute for Global Environmental strategies (Japan) has been used for calculating the GHG emissions for 30 societies, which were part of SORT phase III at Delhi NCR.