Water & Solid Waste Audit

In its more than two decades of journey in the realm of Environmental Sustainability, IPCA has got rich & wide experience in assessing the environmental parameters. With its learnings & pool of knowledge, IPCA has been providing consultancies to a wide range of stakeholders and these services are not restricted to just solid waste but also expanded to water and air as well.

Water auditing is a means of recognizing the gaps in water management & quantifying the water flows, its intensity in simple or complex systems, with a view to reducing the quantum of water usage and saving money on otherwise redundant water use. IPCA helps its clients in preparing efficient water management plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document for the same.

IPCA water audits undertake the crucial components that help in calculating water balance, water use and identifying methods for saving water. This identifies:

  • Water consumption and wastewater generation pattern 
  • Specific water use and conservation
  • Complete water balance of the facility
  • Water saving opportunities
  • Method of implementing the proposals
  • Full description and figures
  • Investment required, if any
    After the collection of data, IPCA takes care of the below mentioned components:
  • On-site training and discussion with facility manager and personnel
  • Water system analysis
  • Quantification of baseline water map
  • Monitoring and measurements using pressure and flow meters and various other
  • devices
  • Quantification of inefficiencies and leaks
  • Quantification of water quality loads and discharges
  • Quantification of variability in flows and quality parameters
  • Strategies for water treatment and reuse or direct use

    IPCA’s waste audit is a very structured process which is used to characterise and quantify the amount of wastes generated by an organization/institution. Information from audits helps in identifying the current waste practices and how they can be improved. Being into Solid Waste Management for more than twenty years, IPCA provides expert guidance to its client in making their organization more efficient and effective. Our waste audit service has following objectives:
  • Determines composition & quantities of waste being generated
  • Measures effectiveness of existing waste management systems
  • Identifies opportunities for improving waste management systems and strategies
  • Collection of baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste minimization strategies
  • Preparation of efficient water management plan for clients
  • Preparation of Standard Operating Procedures